22/02: The Masters Workshop

mARCH 2022

Join us for our first workshop of 2022! No secrets! And nothing held back!


The first half teaches many important and unknown techniques of lighting, working professionally with your model/client, and how to be intentional with each image you take. We’ll walk you through the steps and coach you to have a creator’s mindset that is calm and in control when in the studio. You will have opportunities to interact with the model and take photos for yourself!


The second half covers editing: We will host a live Luminar AI seminar using the photos from the lighting seminar and edit them together. This is your chance to see images from an editor’s perspective and maximize the impact of your photos using some really clever tricks. This will also be an interactive lecture where you can either listen and take notes or follow along on your own computer.


Lunch will be served for all attendees, courtesy of our friends at MedKit Meal Prep right here in Chicago.


All attendees are also entered into a raffle to win prizes from our proud partners: Paul C. Buff lighting & V-Flat World!