One Rep Max

/wən rɛp mæks/


The greatest weight at which a single repetition of an exercise can be completed by an individual.

The 1 Rep Max Project is my initiative to promote a more inclusive and motivating culture around fitness and, more specifically, weightlifting. I’ve included a wide variety of subjects for this project taking into consideration both people that lift regularly and have never lifted before.

There are a few creative limitations I’ve placed upon this project to keep things interesting:

1) Participants have 3 opportunities to attempt their maximum weight per lift after a safe warmup.

2) Failed attempts are not used in the final project. All the images displayed portray the subject successfully and correctly lifting their weight.

3) The final images will only be lightly retouched. Major manipulation of any image cannot take place. 


Are you interested in being a part of the one Rep Max Project?